First Trip to the Ocean

On our way back home we made a quick stop in Marin to visit the ocean since it was such a beautiful day. This was Sander’s first trip to the ocean. After a quick bite to eat overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, Sander posed for a picture with his Dad. We got in the car and drove down to the beach. Where Sander was all smiles despite the wind. Seems like he can’t wait to play on the beach.



Christmas Time

Sander’s first Christmas was spent in Sebastopol with his Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. Sander got all dressed up in his first sweater vest and button down shirt. He made it through all of the readings at church until the organ player woke him up with a spirited tune. Christmas morning his Aunt enjoyed open all of his presents since Sander has not mastered the art of grabbing paper. I am sure it won’t be long now. It was a fun and relaxing trip aside from the one night where the power went all and all went dark with Kim standing in the middle of the office holding Sander, unable to see the crib. Her soft cries for help were answered by Sander’s Grandpa as he brought in a flash light. Some might call him rudolph.


Hanging out with my Friends

We took pictures of all the little ones at mom’s group this week. They were all pretty good for the photo shoot. It is tough to get 12 babies happy at the same time. Most are pretty wide eyed not so sure what is going on. We do have one sleeper and are missing one of Sander’s little friends. Notice Sander snuggling up to his first girlfriend Eliza. They both look ready for their first date in their cute outfits. He is not so sure about the hang holding, but he’ll learn to love it. There are a lot of cute little ones in our mom’s group!


First babysitting exercise

Sunday night was the big FoodClub evening out. So my parents were kind enough to come down and babysit Sander. It was our first time with both of us away from him. I think Sander enjoyed his evening hanging with the grandparents. They must have done a bunch of fun stuff because he sure did sleep well that night. Thanks Mom & Dad Douglas!

For Food Club we went to a Moroccan place on Telegraph. It was a fun dinner. Just a good different experience.


Sander going to sleep

Kim is putting Sander to sleep. The night time ritual is to give him a good feeding, change him and swaddle him. We turn on some soothing music (or just plain ocean sounds) and rock him until he goes to sleep. Takes sometimes about 30 minutes of rocking before he is past out enough to put him in his crib without him waking up. That is the process.