Sander successfully slept through the start of his first Daytona 500 (you will notice a tired Dad was also sleeping, although he woke up briefly for the beginning). Sander was wearing his Mark Martin jersey to show his support for his Dad’s favorite driver and I am sure his if he could pick. Sander had a great time up at his grandparents house. He of course got lots of attention from loving admires. He got to play with some of his Dad’s old toys and of course he got to watch/sleep through the race. His Grandma made him laugh, which is a rare event still and his Grandpa got him to blow bubbles on command. All around a fun weekend for all. Plus his parents got in some extra naps and well what’s better than more rested care givers.


So Many Toys, So Little Time

Sander got a new toy this week, an exersaucer from his Grandma and Grandpa Courtney. It was his Christmas present. There are so many toys, many of which make noise. Sander liked them so much he decided to eat it, like everything else. He seems to like standing up so this will be a good toy for him in the coming months. I also like it since it seems like it can contain and entertain him for awhile. You may also notice that Sander is in his Bears outfit because it was superbowl Sunday. Sander was very sad that the Bears lost, he cried, well he might of just been hungry.