Sitting all By Myself

In just the past week Sander is able to balance himself enough to stay sitting for awhile. Well as long as he focuses and doesn’t try to grab things that are to the side of him. Sander showed off his sitting ability to his Grandparents over the weekend. He has taken a few tumbles but it doesn’t seem to upset him of deter him from trying again. He just looks a little shocked and will start to smile, especially if he was able to hold onto the toy he had in his hand. We know it won’t be long before he is on the move and it is a whole new world for him and us.



My First Semi-Solid Food

Sander had his first semi-solid food, rice cereal. He seemed to like the runny mush. We made the mistake of putting the bowl too close to him, however our reflexes were still quick enough to get it before he knocked it off the table. He did manage to get his hand in it though. He did keep trying to grab the spoon and liked to feed him self, which you can see in the picture above. It does make it tough to get the food into his mouth. He seemed to like his highchair that his Aunt and Uncle brought him all the was from Sweden. It is nice because it slides right up to the table and will be a seat for him as he grows.


Green Kitty

Sander loves his Green Kitty. It was a present from our friend Shauna, made specially for Sander. We never knew he would love a toy so much but Green Kitty has proven to be a favorite. As you can see he loves to suck on its ears but he also loves to wrestle with it. We are not sure who usually wins. Green Kitty also has such long, skinny arms and legs that it makes it an easy toy to grab for.img_7865.jpg