Our Easter

Our weekend started out with a Mom’s Group outing to the Claremont Spa for the morning and then all the Mom’s went out to lunch. Very relaxing. Some of the Dad’s got together with the babies at a local pub to hang out and get to know each other a little better. Sander was the only boy and had five little girls to impress. Might not ever get another chance like that. Grandma and Papa D came down on Saturday afternoon to help us celebrate Sander’s first Easter. Chris made his now famous pulled pork sandwiches, knowing his Dad would certainly enjoy them. Sander slept through this part of the celebration. We then played Hearts, a family favorite (things got a little out of hand and there might of been some name calling, we won’t mention who the super competitive one of the bunch was).


Sunday morning we had an indoor Easter egg hunt. There were a few hidden for Sander and he enjoyed putting them in his mouth. No doubt next years Easter egg hunt will be a different experience. Sander looked through his basket. He was pretty happy with what he found, a soft bunny to snuggle with (I was very glad it was not a real bunny).


Later that morning we were off to our next celebration at Lauren and Scott’s house. Our fourth year attending their Easter morning brunch. We had great food, a fun egg war and another Easter egg hunt (that’s right I won that one too). A good Easter weekend for us all.


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