First 5k

Sander participated in his first 5k race today. The race was for Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) a rare blood related cancer. A mother of a good friend has this cancer and we have been doing this race since its beginning. I believe we only missed one year. Chris even got second place in his division his first year.

This year Chris ran (although was nursing a bad ankle so was not out to defend his title) and I pushed Sander in the stroller and was joined by Aunt Nicole. Sander slept most of the way and Nicole and fought our way to the front of the walkers and ended up finishing 234 and 235 overall. Uncle Sven finished 19th overall. Maybe next year he can push Sander that way Sander can be the first baby across the finish line.

There were many other friends at the race too and we were able to find a restaurant nearby so that we could all have breakfast. It was a beautiful San Francisco morning. Hard to beat that for Sander’s first race.



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