Weekend at the Cazedero Cabin

This weekend we spent two days at the Russian River. We celebrated Kris Hele’s birthday and enjoyed the weekend with Matt, Cynthia, Sebastian, Kris and Justin. Saturday we made the journey to Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville. The boys enjoyed swimming in the river. Later that afternoon we went to the Gile cabin in Cazedero. Played a lot of games, enjoyed the scenery and good food & drink.

Windows Vista

As of recently we have found that Sander enjoys exploring. Well, Kim and I call it “exploring”. From Sander’s point of view this includes the following goals:

  1. Find the stroller and lick the wheels
  2. See that fan over there! Lets go get it and stick our fingers in it.
  3. Wait, even better than the fan, I see that potted plant. Let me pull handfuls of soil out of it.
  4. I enjoy baths. I’m going to go find the bathtub and crawl around in the bathroom.
  5. There is a ton of fun stuff in the laundry room. Lets play there.

All of these are great fun. However, yesterday we added a gate to the laundry room and therefore Goal #5 is no longer achievable.   The gate is plastic and has a large plastic window on it as the barrier.  Fortunately, Sander is resourceful. He has created a new Goal #5. This new goal may even be better than the old one. Mainly because there is nothing we can do about it.

Goal #5: Make funny faces on my gate!



After a Bath

The things we do to our kids. Yesterday Sander after taking a bath, got to put on his ducky towel. Which was so cute we had to take a picture as he walked around in it. He enjoyed himself.

And Chris took a little snooze with the aid of Sander’s Green Kitty.



This morning we had a 4.2 earthquake a couple of miles from us.

Kim’s report is: The reports say it lasted any where from 10 to 20 seconds. Gave our house quite a little shaking, as evident by the falling items. Sander didn’t seem to notice, he is back down for a quick nap since his paranoid parents woke him up early.

So aside from the earthquake that woke me up I got six and half hours of uninterrupted sleep (well I did wake up in the middle of the night to think, hmmm Sander hasn’t woken up yet, but then went back to sleep). Yea! My longest yet.

Earthquake Report