Windows Vista

As of recently we have found that Sander enjoys exploring. Well, Kim and I call it “exploring”. From Sander’s point of view this includes the following goals:

  1. Find the stroller and lick the wheels
  2. See that fan over there! Lets go get it and stick our fingers in it.
  3. Wait, even better than the fan, I see that potted plant. Let me pull handfuls of soil out of it.
  4. I enjoy baths. I’m going to go find the bathtub and crawl around in the bathroom.
  5. There is a ton of fun stuff in the laundry room. Lets play there.

All of these are great fun. However, yesterday we added a gate to the laundry room and therefore Goal #5 is no longer achievable.   The gate is plastic and has a large plastic window on it as the barrier.  Fortunately, Sander is resourceful. He has created a new Goal #5. This new goal may even be better than the old one. Mainly because there is nothing we can do about it.

Goal #5: Make funny faces on my gate!




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