Sander started taking big steps this week.  First just a couple little steps between parents.  Very tentative.  Also, when he wasn’t paying attention he’d stand and play with a toy.

Before food club last night Nicole and Sven were over and Sven worked hard with Sander to get him to walk greater distances.  Their practice paid off and Sander started walking further across the room.

We are so proud of our little guy to be brave.  Very exciting.

Babies First Birthday Party

This past Sunday we had a birthday party for all the babies in our mom’s group to celebrate their first year. Ten babies came to the party and they brought their parents along too. Some of the parents brought some great toys, here is Sander enjoying a ride on a dinosaur.


After some playing and some food we decided to take a picture of all the babies, but it proved a little more challenging then the time we lined them all up on the couch. So to establish a little order the mom’s got in the picture and all the dad’s snapped away.


Then we brought out the cupcakes. Some of the babies dove right in, however Sander was not so sure about them. Given the sweet tooth I have I was a little surprised.



Finally we exchanged gifts. Sander got a great music set from his friend Jacob. He loves it already. His friend Eliza helped him break it in.


USS Potomac

Yesterday we had a great day on the USS Potomac (http://www.usspotomac.org/). The Potomac was FDR’s presidential yacht. Docked in Jack London square they give tours/rides out every once in a while. We took a excursion out to the Golden Gate Bridge with GG, Courtney and Bev (We missed you Rich and Lori, wish you could have been there).

It was a typical foggy day on the Bay but it was still wonderful to see. The boat was fun and all the docents were great. Very willing to show and tell. We even got to go on the bridge and talk with the Captain and crew.