Running on the Street

Sander enjoys walking on his own especially outside and pushing his cart. Gran and Sander started off by walking up the street. Quite a lot of work pushing his cart up the hill but he did pretty well.


Of course then there was going down and gravity took over a little bit and Sander took off running behind the cart. Gran acted fast and grabbed onto Sander’s hood. Disaster avoided.


Waiting For Breakfast

Sander got a little impatient while waiting for his breakfast this morning. I knew he was playing over in the corner but as I turned for just a minute or two he manged to do this. At least it wasn’t something in powder form.


Ear Infection

Of course, doesn’t everyone want to hear about Sander’s ear infection?  Well, yesterday morning he decided to wake up at 2:30 am and didn’t really stop screaming about it.  Apparently ear infections aren’t fun for anyone.  Well, after a couple late morning naps, and a visit to the doctor he has the anitbiotics and ended up sleeping very well last night.

The only reason why I’m writing about this to everyone is that this was one of our first big health issues with Sander.   There are many more little ear infections, colds and flus to come.  Oh boy.

First Birthday Party

Sander had his first birthday bash last weekend.  He had a couple of his good friends over.   Lots of blond little guys.  His cousins Clayton and Jeremy and his friend Sebastian were all kind enough to attend and help him blow out the candle on his ultra-cool Bear Cake.  Kim made the cake from scratch.  Great frosting and decorated with marshmellows, chocolate chips and licorice.

We all had a great time with family and friends.  Thanks everyone for the good time.