Thanksgiving Recipes – Turkey

Decided to post my Thanksgiving recipes. Here’s the turkey recipe.

In 2007 we used a 16.89lb turkey for 15 people (including 1 kid). This left enough leftovers .

Turkey Brine

2 Cups Dark Brown Sugar
1 Cup PURE Maple Syrup, not Aunt Jamima
¾ Cup Kosher Salt
3 Whole heads of garlic, separate the cloves, but do not peel them, bruised.
6 Bay Leaves
¾ Cups Coarsely chopped unpeeled fresh ginger
1 Tbs. red pepper flakes
1½ Cups soy sauce
4.5 Qt. Water
Handful of fresh thyme sprigs.
Combine all the brine ingredients in a stainless steel pot. Bring to a simmer, remove from heat and let cool completely. Remove neck and giblets and rinse the turkey well and put it in the cold brine. Put it in an inner bucket inside a large cooler (used parents coolers) with 2 bags of liner and ice. Place it in the brine on Monday night for Thursday meal. Seemed to be just enough.

Turkey Prep
Wash off turkey and tuck wings under body.

Cut 1 apple into quarters. Cut 1 onion in half. Microwave both for 2 minutes.
Place apples, onion, sprigs of thyme, rosmary & sage into cavity.

Cook on center of BBQ (breasts facing front) with outer burners on medium-low/low. Placed aluminum shield under each side so wings, legs don’t burn.

Cooking time was approximately 3:45 minutes for 16.8lb turkey. Cooked to 170degrees. Took off burners and let sit under foil tent for 20-25 minutes.

Family photo shoot

We did a one year family photo shoot on Monday with our friend and professional photographer Karna.  We already have the early proof set of photos from her (thanks Karna!) and the photos came out great.  All of us traveled up to Temescal Lake and enjoyed the clear afternoon out.  It was chilly, and had rained in the morning so things were wet.  Sander seemed to enjoy himself looking at the ducks and pointing at Karna and Papa D.  Of course he had fun playing in the playground sound.  He also got to debut a fancy new shirt from Sweden.

There is a big slide show that you can see that has the pictures of Sander.

Also I pulled out a couple of pictures to just include here.



Papa D running point

On Monday, Papa D (Grandpa Douglas), helped us out by watching Sander in the morning. Sander definitely enjoyed himself and Papa D did great. Lots of play time and good naps had by both of them.

During the afternoon we took some family pictures and my dad was able to get in on a couple of pictures.


It’s Bath Time

Last couple of nights when it is bathtime I’ve been able to say “Sander, it’s bathtime! Time to take a bath!” He’ll look up at us, and then go running for the bathroom. Since the door was open to the bathroom tonight he wandered in and waited for us by the bathtub.

It is amazing to see him understand and respond.