Our Little Earthquake

Sunday night Sander started running a fever and was very restless. Monday morning he woke up breathing heavy and with a barking cough. Sure signs of the croup. We set a doctors appointment for Monday afternoon. At the doctor he had a lower oxygen reading so they sent us to Children’s Hospital to have them treat his airway. Turns out our little guy had a BAD case of the croup. The emergency room at Children’s was good and they gave him a vapo treatment and other medicines to open his airway. By about 11pm that night it was decided that we needed to watch him overnight so they transfered us to a room at Summit Hospital which has an extension of Children’s.

So, Sander got to take his very first Ambulance ride as they took him from one hospital to the other. Just procedure, it wasn’t an emergency ride or anything. He seemed to enjoy it even though his parents were stressed out by the whole thing.

Here is a map of his ride:


So then we ended up spending a total of 2 nights in the hospital. He did much better the next day and continued to improve over that day and the 2nd night. Kim and I traded time at night at the hospital so we could try to get little naps in. On the second night I was staying with Sander and Kim was home pulling things together when at 8pm we had a big earthquake. Sander was sleeping on my chest in a little bed when it hit. Our 5th floor room swayed a lot. Fortunately everything was okay. It was a 5.6 magnitude quake that hit in San Jose. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsus/Maps/US2/37.39.-123.-121.php


By Wednesday morning Sander continued to do well. We got to go home by about 10 am which made us very happy. His croup continues, but he doesn’t breath as heavy as he did monday. Hopefully he continues to improve today and tomorrow and by the end of the weekend is all good to go.


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