Christmas Eve in Sebastopol

After our trip to Carson City we drove directly to Sebastopol. Little bit longer than normal journey. Christmas eve we made many trips to Fircrest Market. The whole crew went for a nice walk and we began to prep stuff for Christmas dinner. That evening we all got dressed up and went to church. Everyone was looking quite nice.

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img_0603.jpg img_0622.jpg img_0628.jpg img_0636.jpg

Snowshoe on Spooner Summit

After 1st Christmas Morning a couple of us went on a snowshoe on Spooner Summit.  It was Lori and Sander’s first time snowshoeing.  We had a great time.   Fortunately a couple of people had been out before us so we were able to follow in their tracks.  There were a couple of good hills we climbed up.  It was nice and peaceful in the woods.  At that time we didn’t have mittens for Sander, so he got to wear two pairs of socks on his hands to keep himself warm.  After the hike Sander got a little time to play in the snow, though we didn’t let him for long because I was afraid his sweat pants would get too wet.   While we were snow shoeing, Kim and Rich when out for a great lunch.  Good times had by all



The 1st Christmas Morning

We had our first Christmas morning in Carson City. Kim really wanted to have it as soon as possible so we had it first thing Saturday morning. In general, Sander was much more interested in following the train around the tree. That was one of his favorite activities. He’d just point at it and walk around the tree with it.

Anyways, it was a very nice 1st Christmas morning. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Courtney!


Christmas Vacation

We had a great holiday week.  I vacation started last Friday when we traveled up to Carson City, NV and visited Grandma and Grandpa Courtney.  There was a couple feet of new snow on the ground.  Sander was very happy to see his Nevada grandparents.

I’ll be adding more posts over the coming days with more pics from Sander’s multiple Christmas’ and all the family fun.

Here are a couple from the first day in Carson City.



Setting up the tree

After our trip to the tree lot we setup the tree.  Most of our ornaments are at the top of the tree so Sander can’t get them.  Though, he enjoys the ones lower down.  He spends time redecorating the tree every few days.