Cabinets and counter

On sunday we got the cabinets and the counter in. Over the last couple of days I got the counter tied down and the sink sealed. Tonight I fixed the window sill. Progress is made each day.


Our little helper

Sander got into the swing of things and decided he wanted to be like Uncle Sven and swing that hammer. He loved playing around the cabinets and telling Mom how things should be put together.



Complete Kitchen Rebuild

We’ve been completely remodeling the kitchen in the apartment.  It is turning out great so far.   We’ve had a lot of help by family and friends.   Over the last couple of days we got a ton pounded out and didn’t seem to have any major issues as of yet.  I’ll post some pictures of our progress later today.

Listening to my shuffle

Sander gets exposed to all kinds of fun toys. He really likes our little iPod Shuffle. We don’t really turn on the music, but he likes walking around with it.  Hook them while they are 15 months old and they will grow up to hate Microsoft. Sander certainly loves looking at videos on iTunes. No complaints from me.