Union Square

While Kim was getting her hair cut, Sander and I explored Union Square in San Francisco.  We had a good time watching people and going up and down stairs.  Of course, we also went to some of our favorite stores around the area (Apple Store and Disney Store).

Overall it was a beautiful day in the city.



Looking like a real kitchen

Kitchen is coming along.  We had the work crew here on Saturday again and got a lot of painting done.  The work has continued through the last couple of days and it is starting to look like a real kitchen.  Shelf and corner piece was installed yesterday.  Additionally, we did the toe kicks and finish painting.  The sink drain is installed.

We have a little bit of finish work to do.  Need to clear one of the pieces on the faucet that has some gunk in it.  Apply touch up paint to the shelf.  Seal the counter.  Plus some other little things.

Here is a pic in its current state