Remembering Uncle Jim

Today we all headed down to our local ice cream shop, got a couple of scoops of ice cream and went across the street to eat them in a grassy area. We wanted to do something that Uncle Jim would of enjoyed and I do remember how he liked his Dairy Queen. It was only fitting that it was Sander’s first time eating ice cream and to no surprise he enjoyed it.

As we sat there toasting Uncle Jim with our ice cream I thought of all the smiles he gave me. He could always make you laugh. He had a voice that you would recognize across the room (or down the street really). As a child I remember him at family parties with all the cousins around him asking him to do his magic trick one more time. Really, how many times could he pull a quarter out of our ears. It never got old.

There are many stories; delivering Dr. Pepper, pumpkin pie vs. sweet potato pie, watching or better yet playing golf, him giving me the inside scoop on which bars in Chicago had clean beer lines, and listening to him and my other Uncles give my friends a hard time about being vegetarian’s while eating pizza on our wedding day. A recent one, which Chris reminded me of was just this past summer. We were at my cousins wedding and they had a chocolate fountain table where they had all kinds of yummy little things to dip into the chocolate, like strawberries, bananas, oreo’s and other great things. As we were getting our plates and gingerly dipping things into the chocolate fountain using little sticks Uncle Jim, who was on his second piece of cake and ice cream walked right up and dunked his whole plate into the chocolate fountain. Only Uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim lost his battle with brain cancer last week. He surpassed the odds the doctor’s gave him a year and half ago because he was a fighter. We will miss you, your laugh and your smile.


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