Apple Blossom Parade in Sebastopol

We made the journey up to Sebastopol to attend the Apple Blossom Parade.  Always good fun.  It was Kim & Sander’s second parade.  Again, it was hot this year (in the 80’s).  Lots of people and lots of fun.   First off for the day was the pancake breakfast.  Sander enjoyed that and we got to visit with Nate, Kristy and little Nina.   Then we watched the parade.  Sander hung in their very well and enjoyed watching all the different things (especially tractors).  We found out that Sander does NOT like big trucks that have really loud horns.  Afterwards the festival was enjoyable.  Sander and PapaD had a great time on the playground slides.

Mariners game

I’m up in Seattle right now meeting with various people.  The office is a couple of blocks from the Mariners stadium in the “Sodo” area of Seattle.  Great old brick building that use to be a ice werehouse.   My hotel is across the street from the stadiums.   Looks like tonight a couple of OnStation people and I are going to the baseball game.

I miss being home with the family and hearing Sander’s constant chatter.

Trip to Cal

Sander and I ventured to the UC today on the bus.  It is a great place to wander around, play on art installations, climb up and down stairs, play with sticks and watch people.  I enjoyed some time sitting on the grass in the sun while Sander explored the area.  Sander enjoyed looking at Strawberry creek (aka “Agua!”).

Santa Barbara Trip

Kim and I spent the weekend away in Santa Barbara. It was our first time away from Sander and everyone seemed to handle it well. He spent the weekend up in Sebastopol enjoying Gran and Papa D. He had a wonderful time there playing in the yard, cars, big dog, the mirror, etc.. We had a great time in Santa Barbara enjoying the sun, food, sleeping in, shopping and the beach. For us, it was really nice to recharge the batteries and spend some time together.

Paper Bags

I know I don’t often post items that are not related to Sander. However, this struck me as interesting this morning and I wanted to share. This artist does a very good job of demonstrating the level of our national consumerism. Certainly gave me pause to realize the volume of what “we” use. You can see more installations from this artist at

Paper Bags, 2007
Depicts 1.14 million brown paper supermarket bags, the number used
in the US every hour.