Choo Choo!

We spent Memorial Day holiday weekend in Carson City. It snowed on us while we drove up there and rained off and on throughout the weekend. There were a number of fun activities (mostly centered around trains). “CHOO CHOO!” was constantly heard from Sander. Below you can see pics from our excursion to the train museum where we got to ride a full size steam train. It was a lot of fun, though Sander was a little scared. We also caught a small frog from the pond and moved it to the creek down the hill. It is a lot of work to catch a frog.

Analy 100 Year Anniversary

Last couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of fun with grandparents. Two weeks ago we spent some time in Sebastopol where we attended the Analy High School 100 Year Anniversary. I didn’t really see anyone from my class but Nicole saw a couple from her class. My fun moment was sitting on the grass with Sander watching the jazz band.

The Analy Grads:

Sander says “No! I don’t want to wear a Hawaiian shirt!”…

Karna took this pic from way up on a cherry picker…


IMG_2047, originally uploaded by cdouglas_kha.

I’m in the process of making a move from one group to another at Cobalt. AdMission was just purchased by Cobalt a week ago. I’ll be the Product Manager for that group. They do an extension of internet marketing and they have an office in San Ramon. So, I’ll be spending many of my days on the other side of the hill. I’m looking forward to learning a new area and getting to know more people.

The office is in a nice building. It used to be the offices for a movie theater company so it has a little theater in there and a ton of movie posters and the such.