Sander Gets a Fire Hat

As we left the grocery store the other day there was a fire truck parked out front. Sander in awe of any truck was particularily excited by the fire truck this day. He walked back and forth from the front to the back taking it all in. He said things like, “truck”, “wheel”, and “big”. We talked about the ladders, hoses (which prompted “aqua”) and where the firemen sat. After about 10 minutes the firemen came back out and caught us admiring their nice truck. They offered us a look inside. Sander became a little more nervous with the addition of others.

They showed us how stairs came down when you opened the door and some of their equipment. Sander just stared, mouth gaping. We tried to get him to go in but screaming occured. So we watched from outside and peered in. They apprenatly keep a supply of fire hats for kids in their trucks so Sander was luckily enough to get one. You can ask him about seeing the fire truck and he will smile, nod his head and exclaim “yeah.”


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