Trip to Angel Island

We made a great trip out to Angel Island with Grandma and Grandpa.  Took a hike to the old barraks area.

Funny Faces

Sander has had a few (or perhaps more than a few) good pictures over the past couple months. I thought we could share some that have made us laugh or just smile.

Sander getting a little lesson in tree climbing from Dad.

Having fun driving playing with one of his many cars. He does like to drive around the house. If you have heard him scream you can visualize the sound coming out of his mouth. It is all in joy but not always delightful to hear.

His Dad really likes it when he wants to wear these out of the house. This is taken while hanging out with his Gran.

Sander wearing his fire hat pushing his fire truck. He now is the proud owner to two fire hats. All you have to do is stand and stare at a fire truck until the firemen/women come back out and give you a hat.

After Chris went for a ride the other day Sander discovered he really liked his helmet (and his riding shoes but we didn’t get a picture of him walking around in those). While it is backwards I think it is the first step to safety while riding his bike.

4th of July

We spent a nice quiet day with our family. We started out the morning with a trip to the local park, which surprisingly was not all that crowded. Sander enjoyed running around and pushing toys here and there.

We cooked up some sausages and hot dogs for dinner. Sander only had one bite of a hot dog, perhaps we should of tried tofu dogs. But, the good news is he ate a whole bowl of salsa and guacamole,the chips were a bonus. Guess he really is a Douglas.

We saw some fireworks in the distance from our back deck, perhaps next year we will go see some up close.