Slow Food Nation

Today we all went to the Slow Food festival in San Francisco.  Basically this is a large version of a Farmer’s Market focusing on organic local foods and how to grow a bunch of it yourself.  It included a big market where you can do a lot of tasting.  They had a full garden the length of a football field that they had been growing for months now.  The highlights in food were:

  • Raspberries – Sander ate atleast half of the bowl.  We all enjoyed that.
  • Cheese – Lots of great ones.  Best was from Point Reyes.  We bought a small round and ate half of it for dinner.
  • Apples – Gravenstein Apples from Sebastopl.  ’nuff said
  • Sandwiches – Great sandwich for lunch.  Cured meats from Seattle with cheese and olvies.


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