A few weekends ago we spent a night with Gran and Papa D. Sander, as always had a good time. Sander likes to play with the same race track that his Dad used when he was little. I hear it provided hours of entertainment for him. Papa D joined in the fun. Not sure who had more fun playing with the cars.

One of Sander’s other favorite past times is playing with Big Dog. This time he really liked climbing underneath Big Dog, but it wasn’t enough for just him to climb underneath. How fun it is to be a kid (also this picture I think clearly demonstrates how the dog got its name).

9 Two-Year Old’s in a Row

How to get 9 two-year old’s to sit quietly all in a row? Cupcakes are the answer. Sander celebrated his second birthday with his friends from Mom’s group at the steam trains in Tilden. We had 9 of the 11 kids make it to the party (plus two younger siblings, Carina and Grayson). We had some great food, rode the steam train and of course had cupcakes.

The kids gathered around as Erin lit the candles. Sander still talks about it. Cupcakes! Candles! Kids! Translate, my friends and I blew out the candles and ate cupcakes.

(from left to right: Miriam, Sasha, Anya, Eliza, Oliva, Donovan, Sander, Jacob & Hanora)

Sander enjoyed his cupcake. His friend Donovan was trying to let him know he had a little something on his face. Sander didn’t seem to mind.

Camping in Kings Canyon

We spent a great weekend in Kings Canyon National Park.  Me and Sander went on quite an adventure with Matt and Sebastian and were joined by Cynthia’s brother-in-law Ben, his brother Danny and Sebastian’s cousins Abby and Bella.  Lots of kids which was a ton of work, but all-in-all a lot of fun.  We were nearby the river which all the kids enjoyed.

Probably the highlight of the trip was a hike to a creek up the canyon.  Hike was tough but made the trip feel even sweeter when we arrived at an amazing set of waterfalls.  Ben and I enjoyed taking pics.  It was an great spot.

Anyways, I really appreciated being able to join along the fun with Matt and his extended family.  Sander certainly wishes he was back there with ‘Bastian.