9 Two-Year Old’s in a Row

How to get 9 two-year old’s to sit quietly all in a row? Cupcakes are the answer. Sander celebrated his second birthday with his friends from Mom’s group at the steam trains in Tilden. We had 9 of the 11 kids make it to the party (plus two younger siblings, Carina and Grayson). We had some great food, rode the steam train and of course had cupcakes.

The kids gathered around as Erin lit the candles. Sander still talks about it. Cupcakes! Candles! Kids! Translate, my friends and I blew out the candles and ate cupcakes.

(from left to right: Miriam, Sasha, Anya, Eliza, Oliva, Donovan, Sander, Jacob & Hanora)

Sander enjoyed his cupcake. His friend Donovan was trying to let him know he had a little something on his face. Sander didn’t seem to mind.


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