Reason #33 of Why Not to Live on a Hill

It makes moving things like dirt, gravel, pavers, etc to the backyard much more challenging. Poor Chris had the fun task of moving gravel and pavers bucket full by bucket full from the front to the back of the house. This is when my Dad would say, this is why we had kids. Sander, while completely interested in the gravel not so helpful in the moving it front. Many of you have been to our house and know we live on a hill, it goes from one story in the front to two in the back, which translates to a lot of stairs. Yes we thought of using a wheel barrel but our side yard is too narrow; Chris also came up with the idea of building a chute out the back window of our garage, but slowly realized it might be more work; and, finally, yes we thought of the most obvious, pay others to do it for you, but what’s the fun in that. Perhaps we will post exciting pictures of our patio once it is done. At least all the materials are in the backyard now.


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