Sander’s 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Sander’s 2nd birthday a couple weekends ago. All seemed to have a good time. We had the party at our house and kept it small, since we had celebrated with all of Sander’s friends from Mom’s group the week before. Sander got to see his good friend Addy (pictured below) who he spent many a day with the past year while I went to work.

This year Chris and I decided to design our own cake for Sander and since one of his favorite things is a dump truck, well we brought it to him in cake form. It only took three cakes (a little operator error on the one sheet cake), but we think it came out fairly well. At least Sander enjoyed eating it, as demonstrated below.

All of Sander’s Grandparents made it to the party too. I am not sure he knew what to do with all the attention. From left to right, Gran, Papa D, Grandpa and Grandma.

A few days later on Sander’s actual birthday we celebrated just a little more. We saved a few presents for Sander. While Sander took his nap in the afternoon Chris set up his new train table, built by Chris, and set up some new track and accessories we got for him. When Sander woke up and walked out of his room his reaction was, “uh oh”. He seemed to warm up to the new toys pretty quickly.


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