Baby O

It seems one of the most frequently asked question the second time around is, “does Sander know about the new baby?” We talk often about Baby O, Sander lifts up my shirt and taps my belly and says “Baby O.” Sometime he tells Baby O to come out, so we talk about how the baby still needs to grow a little before it comes out and that long ago Sander was also in Mommy’s tummy until he grew too big and he came out to play with us. Sander agrees and then says, “Daddy was in Mommy’s tummy.” We then explain Daddy was in Gran’s tummy, he nods and agrees. Sometimes Sander says Baby O is crying or hungry or that Baby O needs a nuk.

There is no question that we think Sander is a smart little boy and he realizes something indeed is going on, but does he know how his world will change? Do we? No, so we continue to talk about Baby O in the hope it will help when one day Baby O will appear and be apart of our lives.


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