Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Sander’s Grandparents in Carson City. We had a great time and great weather. We arrived Thursday morning and Sander settled into his normal routine and got lots of attention from his Grandparents. He enjoyed playing with all the “new” toys. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner that left us all full and happy. Sander’s favorite (and only) part of Thanksgiving dinner was the marshmellows.

We took a nice walk the next day along the Carson River. Sander picked up sticks for all of us, his was the largest. We also spent a lot of time throwing rocks into the River. Some of us did well at skipping rocks, Sander just enjoyed throwing the rocks in and seeing the splashes.


Chris went out for an early morning walk, while some of us stayed curled up in warm beds. It was frosty and cold but he got some nice shots, including this one.


Sander was out playing in the backyard when he heard the distant train whistle. He said, “I want to see it”. So we took a trip to the railroad museum where they were running the steam train that day. As we drove up Sander changed the “I want to see it” to “I want to ride it, yes I do”. Anyone who has heard him say “yes I do” knows it is quite entertaining. So what did we do? We rode the train. Sander wanted to ride in the caboose.




One thought on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Kim, your parents look great! Your mom especially…I think she looks younger than the last time I saw her which was what? Ten years ago???

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