Welcome to the family Olin!

On Monday afternoon, Olin Karver Douglas was born. Kim started to have contractions more frequent and heavy after spending the morning with her friends at the park. Doctor suggested we come into the hospital. We were at the hospital at 2:45pm. Kim did a great job and was pushing by 6:45pm. Olin was born at 7:17pm. Kim did an amazing job and had a successful VBAC.

We were suprised to see that Olin was a boy! Sander suddenly had a little brother! We got visited that night by both sets of Grandparents. Thanks Laurie & Rich for coming down on the spur of the moment! And thanks Alex, Kathy, Nicole and Sven for joining in the fun too!

Sander was at home getting ready for bed with Gran, PappaD, Nicole and Sven. Sander got to meet Olin Tuesday morning. He did a really great job meeting Olin. He is a very caring brother. He had a great couple of days. All the grandparents and aunts/uncle’s taking care of him. He had a lot of fun and was very well cared for.

Kim is doing well. She is sore, but continues to improve. She was very strong throughout the birth and recovery.

Yesterday we came home from the hospital. Olin is having trouble sleeping at night. But that is too be expected. Next couple of days will be fun and tough.

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and thoughts.  We are so appreciative of the family and friends we have.






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