3 Months, Really?

It is hard to believe it has been 3 months (plus a couple of days) since Olin joined us. He is growing leaps and bounds, which you would know if you held him. He has done quite a good job packing on the pounds, which may have lead to him sleeping quite well. Whatever has lead to him sleeping well we are more than thankful. No wonder people have more kids (don’t worry it hasn’t swayed us from staying a very happy family of four).

Olin has amazing smiles, which he passes around freely. He will also talk to you to his hearts content, very loudly I might add. We are working on his indoor voice, however I am not quite sure he understands, he just smiles and coos (loudly I might add). I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after all he made a lot of noise from the moment he joined us.

He has captured all of our hearts including big brother Sander, whose first words of the day typically consist of, what’s Olin doing? I want to go see him.

One of my favorite pictures is Olin, sleeping just like his Daddy, arm over eyes. The second is just plain cute.



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