Olin Mixes it Up

Today on his 5 month birthday Olin tried “solid” food. He has been watching us eat for sometime now, grabbing for food, mimicking us as we chew, so we figured it was about time.

The food of choice, rice cereal. Yum! The whole family was present. Olin sat on Dad’s lap, since Sander showed his first resistance to sharing something with his younger brother, his chair that is. Guess we will be needing another one.

Seemed like he enjoyed it. He even helped the spoon into his mouth. However, since he likes putting everything into his mouth this was really no surprise.

We relearned the valuable lesson, do not place the bowl too close to the subject eating. He will grab it and it will spill. Luckily there was plenty of rice cereal to go around. A new eating adventure.



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