A New Nickname?

It is tough not to compare the second child to the first child; in how they look, when they accomplish those baby milestones, their personalities, sleep habits, and so on. Today I am amazed at their differences. One in particular, Olin successfully put his foot in his mouth today. I think because I had taken away everything else he had to chew on. He is our little Billy Goat. Sander never was able to get his foot to his mouth.

I thought Sander put everything in his mouth but O takes it to a whole new level. Today alone I was holding our grocery bag while O was in the carrier and before I knew it he had it in his mouth (sorry Trader Joe cashier that had to touch that bag).

Next was the string to his brother’s balloon and it is not easy to pry something from his clenched fist. He has got some hold. Then as he was sitting next to me at lunch and had already chewed on both his socks I feel him tugging at my shirt. I don’t know what I expected but I got a nice wet shirt by the time I figured out what he was doing.

Finally he found his toes. I am sure it won’t be the last thing he finds today to chew on. I guess at least he doesn’t chew through things.


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