Palm Drive Hospital

Olin became another Douglas with the pleasure of visiting Palm Drive Hospital. He has had a cold and cough for a bit. It turned to violent coughing las night at 10:30. We made the trip and it turns out to be broncialitis. He is a trooper. Just have to ride it out over the next couple of days.

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Travel continues

Our travels hav continued. Kim and the boys are in sonoma county. I’m making my way there now via the Oakland airport and the sonoma county airporter. The lines for southwest is crazy. Recommed you go through security in terminal A.

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Gearing up for the Holidays

Just thought I would share a few photos from the last few weeks. We went tree shopping a little early this year. This is Olin’s first Christmas tree. You will also note the great winter gear he is sporting. We have had to take out winter gear to the next level.

We got a bigger tree this year, although it was almost too tall. Chris can be seen putting the angel on the tree this year, luckily we have a mantle strategically place for such an occasion (though I am sure Chris would appreciate if you thought he was that tall). I would also like to note that only a true California boy decorates a Christmas tree in shorts.

Every once and awhile you get a glimpse of Mt. Rainer. I have gotten to see it several times now and each time I see it I am equally impressed. This is a shot from the water tower above our house. Not the clearest view, but still pretty impressive I think.

Olin has just started to enjoy pushing things around so we got out the little Swedish cart. He loves pushing it around. Here Sander is demonstrating how you can also ride in the front. Some how Olin manages to push him.

And finally, big brown eyes? Yes that’s me.

First Day of School

Well our big boy started school yesterday. We were lucky to find a place close enough to walk. He had a great day, decorated a Christmas present, played with a puzzle, had a snack, and was enjoying playing outside when I went to pick him out. He was running around and said he had a good time. Hopefully the rest of the week goes well.

I remember when Sander was a little guy, about 8 months or so and we were at a playground, I overheard another Mom talking about sending her son to preschool. She was telling a fellow Mom that her son was suppose to start going to school 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. She was said, “I just don’t know what I am going to do with all my free time.” This conversation stuck out because I remember thinking, oh my I would love just 3 free hours a week. I just didn’t understand her. Well 3 years later I am happy to report I still don’t understand the woman at the park as Sander starts his second day at school. Granted I have a second child, but there is plenty of things to fill my time.

Here is Sander and Dad walking hand and hand. He carried his school cup all the way there.

Here they are outside the school. We couldn’t get Sander to stand still, perhaps he was just too excited.