Clean as can be

Boys taking a bath. This is their favorite play time. I’m going to leave them in there as long as possible tonight. Will give me a chance to catch up on everything on facebook.

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Rain vs Snow

Every time I am out in the rain the same thing plays in my head, is this better or worse than living someplace where it snows? While walking to this mornings preschool drop off, pushing a stroller one handed, holding an umbrella over O in the backpack, with the wind pulling at the umbrella, I thought snow, that would be better.

Snow would just mean that I would have to bundle us up. I could use both hands to push the stroller, no walking (or wading) through puddles, no wet jeans below the knees, no instantly wet pants when someone falls down, no umbrella to turn inside out, and no fuzzy hair.

However, it was not long ago I declared that living in the snow was not for me. I try to think of the things that would come with the snow while walking kids to school to make this a fair fight; slipping on ice, trudging through the slush, bitter cold nose, people who don’t shovel their sidewalk making stroller going tough, and boots that would almost always get sucked off by the snow leading to a wet and cold foot.

Now I have considered stepping up my rain gear attire, however I am pretty certain this fashion statement would further drop my status at my son’s preschool not to mention the additional time it would add to actually getting us out the door.  Designer rain gear that actual works? I feel like snow attire is more acceptable. Let’s face it, rain shoes and rain pants can’t hold a candle to cute fur lined snow boots, slim fitting down jackets, fuzzy hats, gloves and let’s not forget scarfs.

It seems neither are ideal. Perhaps I can create a bubble over myself and the two kids that creates the perfect walking to school environment. Baring some amazing discovery in the next few days it seems my options are buying a luxury car or that luxury stroller with a rain shield.


Olin continues his bout of sickness. Ear infections and all. It has been over a month now. 10% of his life. Though his sickness hasn’t caused him to slow down his eating. Pretty much anything you put in front of him is consumed. He definitely out paces Sander. Hopefully he shakes this soon.