Baby O is One

Thinking about how much has changed in Olin’s life in his short year is almost daunting. He is an interactive, crawling/cruising, investigative, talkative (he has one setting; loud), hungry, little guy. Current interests include, playing with anything his big brother has, pushing any object around the house (including but not limited to stools, garbage cans, shoes, laundry baskets and his actual toys meant for pushing), waving, climbing stairs and exploring.

Today I also can’t help thinking about the day O was born. Started out like any normal day when being over 41 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable and with doctor appointments and test. As of 8 am no progress, no labor, and a short 12 hours later O decided to appear. The day included; a walk to the park with my Mama friends to “labor park”, where I decided that perhaps I should drive Sander and I home before I couldn’t drive anymore; a phone call to Sander’s potential preschool in between contractions; our dear friend Justin who came to watch Sander, which allowed me to get my epidural an hour early; and a quick delivery.

O started the morning off with one of his favorite foods, pancakes made by Dad. We sang “Happy Birthday” to him and Sander helped him blow out his candle. He then ate 4.5 pancakes. That’s our O! Who knows what the rest of the day has in store for us. Big birthday celebration is this weekend when Gran and Papa D arrive. Here are some pictures from O’s year!

O eating the last of his birthday pancakes.

Peaceful O at one month.

Two cute brothers.

All smiles.


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