Around the House

Just a couple of snaps from around the house from this week. The boys tried out their rain pants this week. You might notice that they are more than just pants, they are overalls, which appear to double as waders and yes O is swimming in his. They kept them nice and dry, guess those Swedes really know how to make foul weather gear (we are big fans of Polarn O. Pyret clothing).

Sander has discovered he needs to wear a baseball hat while playing baseball (inside of course, much to my delight). He has adopted Chris’ Brooklyn Dodgers cap. Can’t decide if I should hide it or not. But he looks so cute in it.

Today Sander is sporting his tool belt, made specially for him by Papa D and Uncle Sven. He does like to wear it when he does projects with Daddy. Today’s project, hanging the TV out of O’s reach. We have discovered that we have to do a lot more baby proofing for our curious little guy. Basically with Sander baby proofing consisted of “no don’t touch that” and since he had such an aversion to the word no we were done. No such luck the second time around.


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