Seattle Greek Festival

We went to the Greek Festival tonight. We didn’t know it was doing to e so happening. Nice to see the homes in the Montlake neighborhood. We enjoyed the good food and dancing. I had to enjoy the lamb soulvaki an then we enjoyed the large helpings of locamades. Awesome. The dancing was fun to watch and Sander is very proud of his large crayon.

Summer Vacation

We were lucky to get to spend sometime in the Bay Area this summer with family and friends. We moved around a lot; we stayed in the East Bay, San Francisco and the North Bay. We started out in the East Bay with an all important Mom’s Group 4th birthday party. Perhaps much more of a celebration for us Mom’s. We were very happy that we were able to attend this year. It was a beautiful day at Aquatic Park in Berkeley to visit with all the other families.

Then we headed to Triple E & A’s house. They were very gracious hosts and the kids as always had a fabulous time. They even arranged for some construction work to go on across the street, which provided some great entertainment for the kids.

O and E tried their hand at video games.

Bring it!

Then onto Camp Castro in San Francisco. Where they had also arranged for some construction work for us to provide even more entertainment. We had great adventures including visits to see GG, where O’s toy of choice was a pill bottle (empty and clean); a trip to the California Academy of Science; playing with the big cousins (a highlight was picking them up a school); and girls night out.

Then it was up to the north bay where the boys stayed a night with Nee Nee and Uncle Sven before we all made our way to Sebastopol for the rest of the week. Chris was able to take some time off and we got to go on adventures around the area. We also had the the luxury of having a kid free day in wine country. The boys had a great time playing with Gran. We fit about 4 dates into one day, breakfast in Healdsburg and a little shopping, wine tasting, picnic lunch at Bella Winery, then a movie and dinner. We also rounded out the week with trips to the park, beach, whale watching and train town.

Enjoying the quiet (and her iphone).
What's better than digging a big hole?
A ride at Train town.

We ended the trip watching our friends Karna and Chris get married. Oh and there also was trying to get a Douglas Family picture (see below). Thanks again to all who were able to fit in seeing us and we wish we could of seen everyone.

Douglas Family.
The Real Douglas Family.