Halloween Festivities Begin

Friday began with a trip to Sander’s school for the “Halloween Parade”.  All the kids dressed up and parading for the parents.  The evening ended with a big trip to Magnolia village for some trick-or-treating with Sander’s friend Henry and his family.  Lots of fun.

Olympic National Park

We decided to go out to Olympic National Park on a whim yesterday. We tried to fit it in between rain storms. Fortunately it worked out well for us. We made our way up to Hurricane Ridge. Amazingly windy and cold (see video below for wind noise). Weather station recorded yesterday at 37degrees and 30-40 mph winds. The view, though cloudy, was outstanding. I did get to glimpse a rainbow in one of the valleys. The boys enjoyed running around inside the lodge at the top. Sander was less than thrilled about going outside (takes after his mom) and Olin was fine with it until the very end. Sander and Olin have now been to 5 national parks.

Pumpkin Patch at Jubilee Farms

We spent a great morning visiting Jubilee Farms.  They have a hay ride out to their various pumpkin patches.  It started off cold and foggy… a definitely wet (in the grass).  But it was amazing country.  We enjoyed picking out massive pumpkins and then making our way back to the barn.  Tons of people were visiting the farm and there was plenty to do.  Sander loved the hay maze.  And he (and I) enjoyed the launching of pumpkins from the tribochet.  We got to help pull the 1 ton weight back with the rope.  Then the pumpkin flew a football fields length down range.  We ran, got the pumpkins pieces, then fed them to the pigs.  On top of that, someone was serving homemade tamales. Awesome.