2010 Year in Review

We had a very good 2010. Before we get too far into 2011, I wanted to take a moment to reflect. We had lots of fun exploring our home in Seattle. Went on trips all over the area with lots of visits to the Zoo, Aquarium and events around Western Washington. Visits from family and friends were highlights plus big trips to Indiana and California. There were many a dance party in the house … the boys liked Technotronic and Boys2Men…. Kim and I liked Bon Jovi and other 80’s hair metal (hence the music in the video).

Worked consumed both Kim and I, with her job being 24/7 (thank you so much Kim).

The boys grew up a lot this year and watching this video makes me so shocked about how big Olin has gotten. He turns 2 tomorrow. We have a big 2011 ahead of us.