Great trip to Bellingham this weekend to visit with family. Watcom lake was gorgeous. My shoulders and back are sore from kayaking. The boys loved it. I’ll post pictures when I have them.

Mount Rainier Day Trip

Took a day trip to Mount Rainier National Park. The boys have now been to their 6th National Park. What a great day for a trip. Crystal clear skies. We could see north to Mount Baker and south to Mount Adams. Hiked almost 3 miles round trip up to Frozen Lake. The boys did great. Olin did the first mile on his own. Great views and the wildflowers were out in force. One of the prettiest hikes I’ve ever been on.

Also had a massive breakfast at Sun Break Cafe (seriously, the plate of food they gave me was 3x what it could have been). And great ice-cream in Greenwater (Thanks for the tip Lidija)!

Great day.