Olympic National Park

We decided to go out to Olympic National Park on a whim yesterday. We tried to fit it in between rain storms. Fortunately it worked out well for us. We made our way up to Hurricane Ridge. Amazingly windy and cold (see video below for wind noise). Weather station recorded yesterday at 37degrees and 30-40 mph winds. The view, though cloudy, was outstanding. I did get to glimpse a rainbow in one of the valleys. The boys enjoyed running around inside the lodge at the top. Sander was less than thrilled about going outside (takes after his mom) and Olin was fine with it until the very end. Sander and Olin have now been to 5 national parks.


Summer Vacation

We were lucky to get to spend sometime in the Bay Area this summer with family and friends. We moved around a lot; we stayed in the East Bay, San Francisco and the North Bay. We started out in the East Bay with an all important Mom’s Group 4th birthday party. Perhaps much more of a celebration for us Mom’s. We were very happy that we were able to attend this year. It was a beautiful day at Aquatic Park in Berkeley to visit with all the other families.

Then we headed to Triple E & A’s house. They were very gracious hosts and the kids as always had a fabulous time. They even arranged for some construction work to go on across the street, which provided some great entertainment for the kids.

O and E tried their hand at video games.

Bring it!

Then onto Camp Castro in San Francisco. Where they had also arranged for some construction work for us to provide even more entertainment. We had great adventures including visits to see GG, where O’s toy of choice was a pill bottle (empty and clean); a trip to the California Academy of Science; playing with the big cousins (a highlight was picking them up a school); and girls night out.

Then it was up to the north bay where the boys stayed a night with Nee Nee and Uncle Sven before we all made our way to Sebastopol for the rest of the week. Chris was able to take some time off and we got to go on adventures around the area. We also had the the luxury of having a kid free day in wine country. The boys had a great time playing with Gran. We fit about 4 dates into one day, breakfast in Healdsburg and a little shopping, wine tasting, picnic lunch at Bella Winery, then a movie and dinner. We also rounded out the week with trips to the park, beach, whale watching and train town.

Enjoying the quiet (and her iphone).
What's better than digging a big hole?
A ride at Train town.

We ended the trip watching our friends Karna and Chris get married. Oh and there also was trying to get a Douglas Family picture (see below). Thanks again to all who were able to fit in seeing us and we wish we could of seen everyone.

Douglas Family.
The Real Douglas Family.

A Day in the Life

Some days I even wonder what it is that I do all day. Seems like such a simple question to answer. It is easy on a good day, like we went to the zoo, drew pictures, saw friends, built a big fort, or played outside. Of course there are the other days where it takes every ounce of energy just to get the kids dressed (and maybe yourself), fed and mildly entertained.

Today it took all my energy to get Sander to school. It was raining this morning, that means extra layers and putting O in the backpack to carry to school, so I can hold an umbrella over him to keep him dry. We are ready to go out the door, let me grab an umbrella… damn. We have gone through several umbrella’s, the wind broke one, another got bent in a stroller accident on the way to school (another good story, which includes an umbrella bent under the stroller and a toddler laying on the wet sidewalk); so that left me this morning with the very cute, but very little, kid size cloud umbrella (thank you Aunt Kris) to use to cover O from the rain. Hopefully he won’t get too wet. Well, finally off to the garage to get the stroller with the rain shield that; damn again; I left in back of the car, which clearly I do not have.

Maybe we will just stay home, but no, a child at school means a little more quiet at home, oh and some learning or something too. Well I get us to school using the other stroller with the rain shield draped across it. Thankfully there was little wind today and only I got wet on the trip.

We will skip ahead to picking Sander up. Thankfully the sun has come out and I can once again use the double stroller. We made it home. We are in the door removing layers and all is well. I turn my back for two seconds and Sander is screaming with a bloody nose and Olin is looking surprised and laying flat on his back. Did O use all his baby power and reach up and punch Sander in the nose, lose his footing and fall backwards? Impressive but doubtful.

Any of you who has or takes care of young kids knows that each day is an adventure, whether it is something you can tangibly put into words and explain to others at the end of the day is another story.

It’s Happenin’ in Willows

It is really hard to put into words the last five months. This has been the most challenging time of my life, and I’m pretty sure the most challenging for Kim. Today is a big day. We moved out of our house in Oakland. Lots of memories and a special place for us. It is really hard for me to talk about right now in any depth.

I will say, the first 5 minutes of our drive away from the house… was difficult.

We made it 2 hours north to wonderful Willows, Ca.  Happen to have this massive rome available.  Sander and I made the journey to get mexican food from this hole-in-the-wall across the street (picture below).  Tomorrow we continue our journey to Klamath Falls, Oregon.


Greek Festival

Today we went to the Oakland Greek Festival. It was up in the hills at the Greek Orthodox Church. Quite hot, but the food was great. So many good things. Lots of people with Greek noses. When the little kids came out to dance the girls all looked like little Nicole’s.

Check out the Loukoumades machine. Makes those really well.