T Ball for Sander

Sander started on his first T-Ball team this week. Had one practice and the opening day parade. In two weeks we have our first game. Should be fun.

Also included are some snaps of Chris (in little league in Sebastopol) and Alex (with his little league gear on).

2008 Year in Review

It was a big year for us. Sander became a toddler. Lots of fun to be had this year. Sander and I went camping 3 times and each was a blast. Kim and I spent a great weekend in Santa Barbara. The family took a fall vacation to Cayucos. We made improvements to the house. Kim and I continued working hard at our jobs. Sander had great care by all his grandparents and has a had a lot of fun with his friends. Overall a very good year. 2009 will bring the new baby and I’m sure many other wonderfull things. Enjoy the 2008 Year in Review video.

Saturday Morning with Papa D

Yesterday morning Papa D came down and we went to Soccer with Sander.  Sander likes playing soccer with Papa D.  After soccer we ended up going to the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier museum which is really close to soccer.  Walked around amazed at how big a ship that really is.






Forward and Back

Last night we had a fun Fiesta de Pumpkin.  There I got to meet the twins Casey & Finn.  They were so tiny it made me remember back to when Sander was a little one.  Hard to imagine that our little guy was that tiny.  I dug up the below picture of him laying across my chest.   I guess we get to go through this all again soon enough with Baby O.  Should be fun to try to carry both Sander and Baby O.

Sander’s 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Sander’s 2nd birthday a couple weekends ago. All seemed to have a good time. We had the party at our house and kept it small, since we had celebrated with all of Sander’s friends from Mom’s group the week before. Sander got to see his good friend Addy (pictured below) who he spent many a day with the past year while I went to work.

This year Chris and I decided to design our own cake for Sander and since one of his favorite things is a dump truck, well we brought it to him in cake form. It only took three cakes (a little operator error on the one sheet cake), but we think it came out fairly well. At least Sander enjoyed eating it, as demonstrated below.

All of Sander’s Grandparents made it to the party too. I am not sure he knew what to do with all the attention. From left to right, Gran, Papa D, Grandpa and Grandma.

A few days later on Sander’s actual birthday we celebrated just a little more. We saved a few presents for Sander. While Sander took his nap in the afternoon Chris set up his new train table, built by Chris, and set up some new track and accessories we got for him. When Sander woke up and walked out of his room his reaction was, “uh oh”. He seemed to warm up to the new toys pretty quickly.

9 Two-Year Old’s in a Row

How to get 9 two-year old’s to sit quietly all in a row? Cupcakes are the answer. Sander celebrated his second birthday with his friends from Mom’s group at the steam trains in Tilden. We had 9 of the 11 kids make it to the party (plus two younger siblings, Carina and Grayson). We had some great food, rode the steam train and of course had cupcakes.

The kids gathered around as Erin lit the candles. Sander still talks about it. Cupcakes! Candles! Kids! Translate, my friends and I blew out the candles and ate cupcakes.

(from left to right: Miriam, Sasha, Anya, Eliza, Oliva, Donovan, Sander, Jacob & Hanora)

Sander enjoyed his cupcake. His friend Donovan was trying to let him know he had a little something on his face. Sander didn’t seem to mind.

Camping in Kings Canyon

We spent a great weekend in Kings Canyon National Park.  Me and Sander went on quite an adventure with Matt and Sebastian and were joined by Cynthia’s brother-in-law Ben, his brother Danny and Sebastian’s cousins Abby and Bella.  Lots of kids which was a ton of work, but all-in-all a lot of fun.  We were nearby the river which all the kids enjoyed.

Probably the highlight of the trip was a hike to a creek up the canyon.  Hike was tough but made the trip feel even sweeter when we arrived at an amazing set of waterfalls.  Ben and I enjoyed taking pics.  It was an great spot.

Anyways, I really appreciated being able to join along the fun with Matt and his extended family.  Sander certainly wishes he was back there with ‘Bastian.

Sebastian’s Third Birthday at the Zoo

Had a great day today at Sander’s friend Sebastian’s birthday party at the Oakland Zoo. We started the day about by walking around the zoo. We saw some active animals including the chimp below who sang for us. Sander seems to like any exhibit that has water, which includes most of them. We finished the zoo portion of our visit with a train ride. Sander sat patiently while it took them 10 or so minutes to fill up the train. We rarely see him sit so still.

Then we were off to the birthday party that was at the picnic area just outside the gates. Sander enjoyed running after and watching the “big” kids. They hunted for hidden animals in the trees and each took a turn swinging at the pinata (Sander more or less tapped it). Sander promptly feel asleep in the car on the way home and took a 3 and 1/2 hour nap. One tired boy.  Some pics of the fun:

Analy 100 Year Anniversary

Last couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of fun with grandparents. Two weeks ago we spent some time in Sebastopol where we attended the Analy High School 100 Year Anniversary. I didn’t really see anyone from my class but Nicole saw a couple from her class. My fun moment was sitting on the grass with Sander watching the jazz band.

The Analy Grads:

Sander says “No! I don’t want to wear a Hawaiian shirt!”…

Karna took this pic from way up on a cherry picker…

First Hair Cut

This post is a little late and many of you have probably noticed Sander’s new do already. Sander got his first real hair cut last Thursday, 4/24. He didn’t want to sit in the cool car chair so he sat on my lap. He was not so sure but the nice lady turned on an Elmo video and Sander became as still as could be. After about 10 minutes I was covered in little Sander hair and my little boy looked so grown up. Here is a picture from lunch that day.