Sebastian’s Third Birthday at the Zoo

Had a great day today at Sander’s friend Sebastian’s birthday party at the Oakland Zoo. We started the day about by walking around the zoo. We saw some active animals including the chimp below who sang for us. Sander seems to like any exhibit that has water, which includes most of them. We finished the zoo portion of our visit with a train ride. Sander sat patiently while it took them 10 or so minutes to fill up the train. We rarely see him sit so still.

Then we were off to the birthday party that was at the picnic area just outside the gates. Sander enjoyed running after and watching the “big” kids. They hunted for hidden animals in the trees and each took a turn swinging at the pinata (Sander more or less tapped it). Sander promptly feel asleep in the car on the way home and took a 3 and 1/2 hour nap. One tired boy.  Some pics of the fun:


Analy 100 Year Anniversary

Last couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of fun with grandparents. Two weeks ago we spent some time in Sebastopol where we attended the Analy High School 100 Year Anniversary. I didn’t really see anyone from my class but Nicole saw a couple from her class. My fun moment was sitting on the grass with Sander watching the jazz band.

The Analy Grads:

Sander says “No! I don’t want to wear a Hawaiian shirt!”…

Karna took this pic from way up on a cherry picker…

First Hair Cut

This post is a little late and many of you have probably noticed Sander’s new do already. Sander got his first real hair cut last Thursday, 4/24. He didn’t want to sit in the cool car chair so he sat on my lap. He was not so sure but the nice lady turned on an Elmo video and Sander became as still as could be. After about 10 minutes I was covered in little Sander hair and my little boy looked so grown up. Here is a picture from lunch that day.



Apple Blossom Parade in Sebastopol

We made the journey up to Sebastopol to attend the Apple Blossom Parade.  Always good fun.  It was Kim & Sander’s second parade.  Again, it was hot this year (in the 80’s).  Lots of people and lots of fun.   First off for the day was the pancake breakfast.  Sander enjoyed that and we got to visit with Nate, Kristy and little Nina.   Then we watched the parade.  Sander hung in their very well and enjoyed watching all the different things (especially tractors).  We found out that Sander does NOT like big trucks that have really loud horns.  Afterwards the festival was enjoyable.  Sander and PapaD had a great time on the playground slides.

Thanksgiving Recipes – Turkey

Decided to post my Thanksgiving recipes. Here’s the turkey recipe.

In 2007 we used a 16.89lb turkey for 15 people (including 1 kid). This left enough leftovers .

Turkey Brine

2 Cups Dark Brown Sugar
1 Cup PURE Maple Syrup, not Aunt Jamima
¾ Cup Kosher Salt
3 Whole heads of garlic, separate the cloves, but do not peel them, bruised.
6 Bay Leaves
¾ Cups Coarsely chopped unpeeled fresh ginger
1 Tbs. red pepper flakes
1½ Cups soy sauce
4.5 Qt. Water
Handful of fresh thyme sprigs.
Combine all the brine ingredients in a stainless steel pot. Bring to a simmer, remove from heat and let cool completely. Remove neck and giblets and rinse the turkey well and put it in the cold brine. Put it in an inner bucket inside a large cooler (used parents coolers) with 2 bags of liner and ice. Place it in the brine on Monday night for Thursday meal. Seemed to be just enough.

Turkey Prep
Wash off turkey and tuck wings under body.

Cut 1 apple into quarters. Cut 1 onion in half. Microwave both for 2 minutes.
Place apples, onion, sprigs of thyme, rosmary & sage into cavity.

Cook on center of BBQ (breasts facing front) with outer burners on medium-low/low. Placed aluminum shield under each side so wings, legs don’t burn.

Cooking time was approximately 3:45 minutes for 16.8lb turkey. Cooked to 170degrees. Took off burners and let sit under foil tent for 20-25 minutes.

Oil Spill Triathalon

Yesterday was the Triathalon at Treasure Island. Originally a bunch of us were going to compete in a relay, but through a clerical snafu we didn’t get to compete. However, Sven got to do the whole thing.

The week before the Tri there was a major oil spill in the Bay when a tanker hit the Bay Bridge. No damage to the bridge but the tanker spilled 58,000 gallons. The Coast Guard determined that no swimming could happen at the Tri. So they canceled the swim and just did the bike & run.

Sven did well and ended up as 3rd in his division. It was a fun race to watch because the race looped around a number of times.