8 years ago…

We were driving across the Golden Gate Bridge and I was nervous. First dates tend to do that to you, though we had spent plenty of time together before then and it had only just dawned on me several hours before that I was going on a date.

I blame Chris. He asked me out over email and said, “So I’ve been wanting to try out this restaurant and I was wondering if you want to go with me?” We were friends. Sounds like friends hanging out on a Friday night. Until this conversation with my Aunts and Cousin as they headed out the door that night:

Do you have any plans for tonight?

Me: I am going out to dinner with this guy from work.

Is it a date?

Me: No (along with my are you crazy face).

Who else is going?

Me: Ummm…. huh. Well, best go change my shoes.

I found out tonight that my very sweet husband has the receipt from out first date. Happy Date-iversary love!