Neighborhood Camping at Silver Springs 2014

We went camping this last weekend at Silver Springs Campground outside of Mount Rainier National Park on the White River.   Great time with friends.  The boys enjoyed themselves running all over the place and going on adventures.   At one point they got too adventurous and wondered off with bigger kids to the other end of the campground leaving us to scramble.   Not fun.   But otherwise a great camping trip.

Highlights include the big trip to the river with adventures through the water, tag playing around camp, good food, the extreme fire making skills required to keep the wood lit, popcorn scavengers, bike riding around the circle, smores, relaxing with friends around the campfire, etc…

Below are the pics and video of the trip.  Looking forward to doing it again next year.’




Last Day in our House

This is the last full day in our “old house”.

I rented this house sight-unseen by Kim. A big risk. Overall the house has worked well for us. Been many good times here.

  • Four years of our life were spent here. When we moved here, Olin was a baby and Sander was 2.
  • The boys grew from being little ones to big guys. Potty training, Olin out of a crib, no more baby gates, etc…
  • The boys learned the joy of a circular main floor where they can run in circles. over and over again.
  • Dance parties in the kitchen
  • All the visitors we’ve had that shared good times.
  • Kim and I relaxing after dinner talking
  • Sledding down a hill right next to our house.
  • Massive games of tag. Kim and Chris chasing each other around the yard. It is amazing we didn’t hurt ourselves.
  • Epic birthday parties (slot car tracks and all)
  • The boys waving to me from the window as I ride by on the bus
  • Coming home each day, and seeing my wife across the room before I even get in the door. Nice to come home.
  • Having a garage
  • Olin learning how to ride his bike in the Alley. Boy boys riding like crazy back there.
  • Having 6 people come by to get candy at Halloween each year, but still buying a big bag of candy and putting out pumpkins.
  • Christmas decorations in the house
  • Seaplanes
  • Playing soccer and baseball in the backyard

Those are just some of the things. This list is long on things we won’t miss. But for now, these 5 minutes, I’m choosing to think of the fun memories we’ve had.