Halloween at Magnolia Village

Had a fun outing last night were we walked over to Magnolia Village and spent the evening collecting candy.  Sander was shy, but seemed to enjoy trick-or-treating.   He liked looking at the other costumes.

Olin got to crawl around the house and be a dino.  We all enjoyed that.  He was very cute.

2008 Year in Review

It was a big year for us. Sander became a toddler. Lots of fun to be had this year. Sander and I went camping 3 times and each was a blast. Kim and I spent a great weekend in Santa Barbara. The family took a fall vacation to Cayucos. We made improvements to the house. Kim and I continued working hard at our jobs. Sander had great care by all his grandparents and has a had a lot of fun with his friends. Overall a very good year. 2009 will bring the new baby and I’m sure many other wonderfull things. Enjoy the 2008 Year in Review video.

Weekend at the Cazedero Cabin

This weekend we spent two days at the Russian River. We celebrated Kris Hele’s birthday and enjoyed the weekend with Matt, Cynthia, Sebastian, Kris and Justin. Saturday we made the journey to Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville. The boys enjoyed swimming in the river. Later that afternoon we went to the Gile cabin in Cazedero. Played a lot of games, enjoyed the scenery and good food & drink.