Neighborhood Camping at Silver Springs 2014

We went camping this last weekend at Silver Springs Campground outside of Mount Rainier National Park on the White River.   Great time with friends.  The boys enjoyed themselves running all over the place and going on adventures.   At one point they got too adventurous and wondered off with bigger kids to the other end of the campground leaving us to scramble.   Not fun.   But otherwise a great camping trip.

Highlights include the big trip to the river with adventures through the water, tag playing around camp, good food, the extreme fire making skills required to keep the wood lit, popcorn scavengers, bike riding around the circle, smores, relaxing with friends around the campfire, etc…

Below are the pics and video of the trip.  Looking forward to doing it again next year.’




Minnesota Trip – Isle Royale National Park

Today we visited Isle Royale National Park. Isle Royale is an island in the middle of Lake Superior. We took a 1.5 hour boat ride from Grand Portage to the island. It was a great ride. We were met at the dock by park rangers. Ranger $ then gave the big group a nature walk through the woods. Isle Royale was very pretty. Lots of small hidden wonders. Butterflies on the dock, possibility of seeing a moose (we didn’t) gorgeous trees and water, etc.. We ate lunch next to a stream/marsh.

The boys did their junior ranger book (including a loon poem by Olin that turned into a luna moth who ate popcorn poem) and they got a ton of attention by the very nice ranger. She held a junior ranger ceremony on the dock. It was awesome.

Lots of spray and swells on the water coming back. But fun had by all. Great to share it with Lori. Great trip to an interesting and very remote national park. My 20th and Kim’s 23rd. Boys 7th. More fun to come.











Troncones Mexico Trip

We had a wonderful trip to Troncones Mexico with the Steckler Family.  Walking off the airplane in Zihuatenejo, and feeling the warmth flood over us was just the beginning of a great week.  We spent a ton of time in the pool, napping (shout out to the nap zone), eating a ton of great food (favorites include Ani’s cooking at the house of fish, crepes, tortillas, guac and huevos rancheros and the food we ate out at Rufi’s and Eden), fun Eco-Tour kayak, playing video games, drinking beer in the pool and eating quac, building sand castles, making friends with Julia and Ani, listening to the waves, two boys getting eaten alive from mosquitos, and keeping a very nice slow pace throughout the whole week.  What a vacation.  Unforgettable.

Here are a big set of pictures that are just a portion of the trip.  Video will come at some point.

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Kim and I had the honor of getting to go on the ADP “President’s Club” trip to London this year.  This was a big surprise to us and happened on short notice.  I’m humbled to get to go along on this trip with some of the top people in the company.

Kim and I had a great time.  Lots of fun hanging out with everyone.  The two evening events were fun.  The sights we saw in London were amazing.  The history and ornate decorations of the places we saw were impressive.  We even got to visit with Leo and Annica (Sven’s sister) in london for lunch.  We were able to manage to avoid the riots happening in North London.  Great shopping, food and fun.

We then took the train (via the Channel Tunnel) to Paris.  Spent 1.5 days in Paris.  Our hotel had great views of the city.  Again, we continued our siteseeing of all many different architectural sites in Paris.  Lots of churches, monuments and squares.  Able to get some good cafe time.

So, where were the kids?  Grandma and Grandpa were kind enough to come to Seattle and watch the boys for the week we were gone.  They did an amazing job watching the boys.  Sander and Olin had a great time.  They did a ton of activities.  They miss seeing their grandparents now that they have left.

A once and a lifetime trip and experience.

Here are some pics:

Friday Harbor Vacation Part 2

On Sunday of our vacation to Friday Harbor, we found a window of sunshine and made our way to the southeast tip of the island.  We hiked out to the lighthouse and enjoyed the shore.  After grabbing some pictures and enjoying the morning, we made our way back to the hotel and relaxed through the afternoon.  Very pretty and sleepy here on San Jaun in the offseason.

I enjoyed mornings out walking around the boats and taking pictures in the harbor.  Kim enjoyed the relaxation and reading books.  Great vacation.