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I’m in the process of making a move from one group to another at Cobalt. AdMission was just purchased by Cobalt a week ago. I’ll be the Product Manager for that group. They do an extension of internet marketing and they have an office in San Ramon. So, I’ll be spending many of my days on the other side of the hill. I’m looking forward to learning a new area and getting to know more people.

The office is in a nice building. It used to be the offices for a movie theater company so it has a little theater in there and a ton of movie posters and the such.



Mariners game

I’m up in Seattle right now meeting with various people.  The office is a couple of blocks from the Mariners stadium in the “Sodo” area of Seattle.  Great old brick building that use to be a ice werehouse.   My hotel is across the street from the stadiums.   Looks like tonight a couple of OnStation people and I are going to the baseball game.

I miss being home with the family and hearing Sander’s constant chatter.